LLC Registration

There are three ways you can start an LLC. The path you choose depends on the limitations of your budget, as well as your “comfort level” in filing your own papers…or having a professional do it for you!

Registering for an LLC entirely on your own

Like doing things the hard way to conserve as much money as possible? If you have faith in your ability to do everything correctly, you can attempt to file for an LLC yourself to save on all costs involved in the administration and labor involved in hiring a service or lawyer to register an LLC for you. For any initial information or questions you might have, you’ll have to contact your state government. Find the appropriate office through the “Government” section of your local area’s phone book, or through your state’s official website.  A section outlining business procedures should point you in the right direction, mentioning all paperwork that must be filled out.

This process requires extreme care on your behalf, as all necessary forms must be located and properly filled out by you. It will also require your pre-existing understanding of the legal terms and options required to fill the forms out. The main forms you’ll need to fill out are the Articles of Organization and the IRS Form SS-4 to receive an Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Hire a lawyer to help you apply for an LLC

Secondly, you can hire a LLC lawyer to initiate the process for you. This will be the most expensive option, as it requires hefty lawyer fees. LLC lawyers are well-versed in forming LLCs, and will undoubtedly complete the process for you with no effort on your end. Expect this route to cost in the upward of $1,500-2,000, not including the cost of all state forms and other filings.

Registering for an LLC online

Lastly, you can register your own LLC online through one of the several services available that specialize in the formation of new companies. LegalZoom is the most reputable LLC registration service providers, presenting you with a quick and easy way to simply answer some questions about yourself and your business, then filing all required paperwork and registering your LLC on your behalf, for a fee.

Additionally, they will send you necessary materials for your LLC including blank stock certificates, operating agreement, documents, government forms and even a company seal to emboss your official documents with.

This is a highly recommended course of action for the prospective LLC owner! Think of it as a perfect balance between the previous two methods: it requires little work on your behalf, while costing nearly 1/3rd of the cost of hiring a lawyer. For a cost of $150-350 not including state forms and other filings, your LLC will be ready to go.

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