Using a Company Seal

Once your LLC has been created, you’ll need to get a company seal to officiate your documents. What exactly is a company seal? This handheld tool, typically made of steel, can have a document inserted within it, and is compressed to create an embossed impression on the paper. Since your LLC is its own entity (much like another person), “it” has no way of signing a piece of paper. Therefore, it’s up to you, the president, to use a company seal to create the LLC’s “signature” on offical documents. Be sure to do this on any document pertaining to official business, from stock certificates to authorization on transfers, purchases, important banking documents and more.

LegalZoom’s Company Seal

LLC registration company LegalZoom will create a company seal for you with the purchase of their “Standard” or “Express Gold” LLC registration packages. Seals typically have a price tag of $20, and they must be branded to include your LLC’s official name, year of inception and state of residence.

How to Assemble a Company Seal

This may seem like a trivial topic, but company seals come in two parts, and it can be rather enigmatic to figure out how to put it together. Look at the following picture, which shows how a company seal from LegalZoom is assembled. Simply insert the tongs into the center, with the “peg” end facing the top of the clamp. Push the tongs into the clamp until it “clicks” into place.

A screenshot of a LegalZoom company seal

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