Getting Started

LLC Information
Start here! This all-inclusive introduction will give you all of the insight you need to understand what an LLC is.

Who are your officers and shareholders? Or, are you the sole member? Learn more about expanding your staff.

Upkeep and housekeeping for your LLC. Uphold your company and let your protections work for you!

Financing and Your LLC

Create a separate bank account for your LLC and use a company card: it’s a necessity to receive your protective rights!

Good accounting and record-keeping practices for your LLC are a top priority. Are you ready for an audit?

Be prepared for April 15th! Don’t be afraid, doing your LLC’s taxes are easy and viable to do at home.

LLC Forms & Applications

Articles of Organization form
Register your LLC with this state-specific form: it defines your LLC, its location and purpose.

SS-4 Employer Identification Number (EIN)
The IRS will assign you with your 9-digit Tax ID number with this form. You'll need this as soon as possible.

1040 Tax Return Form
If you'd like to be taxed as a sole proprietor, you'll need to fill one of these out for taxation purposes.